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To raise funds to go to China to present my research on how role-play can be used to explore stories of sexual exploitation amongst young women and girls
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About the Campaign

The purpose of this campaign is to raise additional travel funding to go to China on the 17th of August 2018 to do a paper presentation on my research around how role play can be used to explore sexual health rights, harassment, abuse, among others during the Assitej children’s conference.

This research investigates how the taking on of different roles in the fictional world can be used to explore and rehearse possible ways of dealing with issues of sexual exploitation and violence affecting young women. It is a direct response to the Sistaz in Solidarity’s Talk is not Cheap Project which faced limitations in its verbal approaches such as force field analysis, used for analysing this situation in the Hatcliffe Community in Zimbabwe. This research was conducted through the theoretical lens of role theory which recognises that any individual plays a number of roles in life, similar to actors carrying out their roles on stage. Considering that role in the fictional world draws from everyday life, this research argues that assuming roles in the fictional world can be instrumental for the rehearsal of real life situations. Fictional roles can help people to re-imagine both themselves and their situations. The fictional world on the other hand provides distancing of both time and emotional connection for participants to safely feel and express their challenging situations. It is on this note that the research investigates how assuming roles in the fictional world can help the young women to explore their stories of sexual exploitation and violation.

This paper presentation will be coupled with workshop facilitation with a small closed group of women in China during the Assitej children’s conference in China.

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