This is a campaign to all the make up lovers, fashionisters and and anyone who enjoys dressing up whilst trying to also accomplish their studies. Due to the change in fashion trends, students in schools and tertiary institutions feel immense pressure to dress up and feel good about themselves. Therefore, i have come up with a solution "BNM Club". This helps to present clothing items and fashion items to students at affordable prices. Thanks to the global village, you absolutely buy anything and anywhere at affordable prices. Bringing change in Zimbabwe through reduced prices!!
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About the Campaign

This campaign is based on the worsening situation in Zimbabwe. Prices seems to be rising and the economic crisis is worsening but that should not stop people from looking good too especially in tertiary institutions. Having discovered the price inflations on imported make up, hair, clothes, gadgets, jewellery and so much more, I have taken time to research and come up with a brand for the tertiary education system.

Students in tertiary institutions have mostly one problem they face which deters them from where they need to go or what they need to do, this is confidence. What we wear has an impact of how we feel about ourselves, how we walk and how confident are we to answer a question posed by lecturers or teachers in institutions. In Zimbabwe students can afford to buy products but most of what they buy is either imitation-based products or low quality products at high prices!

My brand helps to provide good quality products from the United States of America and even China which are legitimate and affordable. They comprise of jewellery, watches, make-up, clothes, gadgets and even sports wear. One market which has not yet been exploited in Zimbabwe is the tertiary market of student fashion. This market has been un-tapped and my research shows how profitable this market can be.

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