Objectified bodies

The Cambridge dictionary defines objectification as treating a person like a tool or toy, as if they had no feelings, opinions, or rights of their own. The campaign will use art-based activities, such as games, exercises, images, drawings etc to engage and create dialogue with women who have experienced and /or are exposed to gender based violence, sexual health rights abuse, sexism and rape which can be termed objectification.
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About the Campaign

Working with various human and women’s rights bodies, psychologists, social workers and counselors in Zimbabwe and beyond, the campaign will adopt an applied drama and theatre approach to create dialogue and provide necessary psychosocial support for the women who have experienced or been exposed to gender based violence, sexual exploitation and/or harassment among other forms of abuse. The use of arts would hopefully allow women to deal with their past and present realities and experiences of abuse by allowing them to distance themselves from the situation using the ‘dramatic elsewhere’. Through activities, such as role-playing, storytelling, drawing or acting, they can express their emotions and feelings which would otherwise be internalized in their everyday realities.  On another footing, we also hope to engage men from the different communities in dialogue around gender based violence using applied arts. 

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