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Discover what's possible when a community creates together
My vision of this project: To work together to ensure our fellow citizens live not only in just a building but a home.
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Too help her financially etc school..stationary... Sanitary to help her archive her dreams and goals also to help her reach her full potential
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  • 54 Days Left
Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Partner with me on this ministry opportunity as I volunteer at YWAM LA
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Zimbabwean sports have been known to be plagued with funding issues, very recently (May 2, 2019) the Netball Team were left stranded at Mbare due to funding constraints. The Zimbabwean Sables Rugby Team got stranded in Tunisia while attending their commitments there in 2018. The Warriors also had a torrid time in the Gabon 2017 AFCON qualifiers, needing NetOne to come in at the 11th hour to financially rescue them. The purpose of this campaign is to capitalize on the time left to start rallying support and create a motivating atmosphere for The Warriors 2019 AFCON Campaign.
Our rock, our strength. Our mom has always been here for everyone now it's our turn to be here for u. Breast Cancer messed with the wrong family! We gonna fight this together.
We urgently need help for the orphaned children of cyclone Idai. They are in need of clothes ,food, sanitary wear, especially now that winter is approaching.
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Please help me raise funds to publish and launch my book this June ! This book is called After the Silence: God does speak, based on my personal experience with God, situations and how His grace has carried me this far. I believe this book will reach out to many hence your hand towards publishing it is also a hand towards someone’s salvation. God bless you for the support .
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  • $65.00 Pledged
  • Campaign has ended
ZimStart is a crowdfunded initiative to help entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe start small businesses and grow them into large companies. ZimStart aims to help revive the business sector in Zimbabwe while helping entrepreneurs achieve their small business dreams.
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I have been nominated on the Prayze Factor Awards
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